1975 Ice Cream

When you taste a big scoop of Aggie Ice Cream, you'll know why it's so famous. To help you experience the full flavor of Utah State University, we'll give you a token for a free scoop from one of our Aggie Ice Cream stores. Present your token and they'll dip you a scoop of your favorite flavor.

Ice Cream Facts

"Lacto Ice Cream" was first made and then tested at Utah State in 1922 under the direction of Professor Gustav Wilster

Professor Wilster's Ice Cream making knowledge helped build successful Ice Cream enterprises in Utah, the West, and all over the country.

Back in 1932 the cafeteria often served less than 1 gallon of ice cream a day.

The Dairy Bar in the Nutrition and Food Sciences Building was opened in the year 1975.

In 1939 Utah Ice Cream eaters could buy Cantaloupe-flavored Ice Cream.Now Aggie Ice Cream is made in 28 delicious flavors.

The Hub in the Taggart Student Center lower level, right next-door to the University Inn

The Dairy Bar in the Nutrition and Food Science Building, on the East end of campus on the Northeast corner of 1300 East at 800 North.