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Everything Ice Cream

Everything Ice Cream is your lovely Ice Cream Gift Headquarters, located in the heart of New York State's Finger Lakes Region. As the proud owners of Everything Ice Cream, they offer a diverse and extensive selection of Ice Cream Gift items. In fact, Everything Ice Cream's gifts have been selected from national and international sources. The catalog and Web Site offer a selection of clothing, jewelry, dishes, toys, stationery, ice cream scoops, Christmas ornaments, magnets, candles, and more.

"Homemade" sounds so safe, so natural, and so appealing. At Everything Ice Cream and Flouring Cookies on Main Street, homemade means ice cream is made on the premises, but it does not mean that the ingredients are all natural or free of preservatives in any way. Nevertheless, the store still continues to attract numerous customers from the University due to its intrepid blend of creative flavors.

Everything Ice Cream

Everything Ice Cream, new to the Middletown last year, quickly became a part of Wesleyan student life. Students use at parlor’s great hours (10am-10pm) as an excuse to put off cracking those books for another hour. RAs had been known to take students for the ice cream treats as part of their social programming.It seems like there was always a good reason to eat good ice cream.

A bovine theme of permeates the parlor. A cow welcome the sign sits at the window. Inside is a black and white floor. Cow kitsch covers the walls, including a stuffed cow’s head.The atmosphere is busy and the cluttered.

Everything Ice Cream and Flouring Cookies has employed students from the University in the past and also currently hiring. For those with an insatiable need to be close to one of world’s most pioneering artists in any field of ice cream innovation, this may be an ideal job.