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MilkShake Ice Cream

In New England and Great Britain milk shake ice cream which is made from milk and flavorings, Milkshake ice cream
In the rest of the United States, a beverage which is made from milk, ice cream, and possibly other flavorings. Sometimes fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and also other sauces are added, along with whipped cream. In much of the New England, this is known as a frappe (pronounced to rhyme with "cap"), and in the Rhode Island this beverage is called as a cabinet.

At any fast food restaurants, this is usually known only as a "shake” that is made from ice milk, flavorings and thickening ingredients, and other similar recipes.

In Greece, a frappe is normally a cold coffee drink, usually consumed during the summer. It is made using freeze dried instant coffee, cold water, ice, sugar and also with milk.
An important factor that is distinguishes a milkshake from simply being flavored milk is that it is generally prepared in some sort of blender rather than being simply stirred.

There are machines available which are specifically designed for the blending of milk shakes. Often, these ice cream machines mix ingredients and also insert air into the milkshake mix, causing the consistency to become smooth and the shake to thicken up as it is blended. Some outlets are used machines where milk and mix are frozen and mixed together inside the container within the machine, while others prepare and mix the shake "by hand" within a special stainless steel cup, often known as malt cup or mixing can.

The most common ice cream flavors of milkshake are vanilla, chocolate, and also strawberry, though other ingredients such as bananas or Oreos could be used. A common additive is malt, which could make a malted milkshake. Fast food restaurants and soda fountains often sell milkshakes. Some milkshake recipes call for ice cream in the flavor of the milkshake, while others call for the vanilla ice cream plus a flavor additive, such as a syrup or fruit. These different methodologies are often resulted in a surprisingly large difference in taste, and many people have a distinct preference for one method over the other. Recipes which are rely heavily on fresh fruit and made up without ice cream are called smoothies.

Milkshakes can be made from ordinary milk mixed with powder and concentrate although these drinks might simply be considered "flavored milks" in most places. Common brands include Naquin and Crush. Bottled milkshake is also common, commonly being sold in 330 mL, 500 mL or 1 liter bottles. Gulp! Fiji, Yazoo and Mars are well known brands of bottled milkshake.


The first reference to the term "milkshake" appeared in print in 1885 and was contained some whisky. The malted milkshake includes the malted milk powder (contains dried milk, malted barley and wheat flower) which was founded in 1887 by William Horlick. The drink was designed for invalids and for children. Original versions of the drinks were more of an egg nod version than what we are used to today.

The milkshake made it into the mainstream in the year1922, when Ivan "Pop" Coulson, a Walgreens employee at Chicago, took an old-fashioned malted milk (milk, chocolate, and malt) and added two scoops of ice cream, creating a drink which became very popular at a surprising rate, soon becoming a very high-demand drink for young adults around the country.