Love Ice Cream

I really do not love ice cream. I can remember great ice creams like the elementary school era Moonglow flavour at the village of Morden on the Bay of Fundy shore or, during high school, the candied ginger root ice cream at the Fundy Dairy Bar in Bible Hill on the road to Tatamagouch. I do not day dream, however, about Ben and Jerry's ice cream or other over-priced branded stuff that sells t-shirts and puts brand name candy bar into the mix. The skill has to be in the cone. Love Ice Cream

So, my hunt for frozen custard having failed in the Cayuga Lake area, due to New York State's incredibly localized rules for treat food loyalty, I tried the praised Purity Ice Cream Co. Ungabelieveable. First, I praise no chocolate. I find those tied to chocolate a sad and deficient group...except, of course, those to whom I am married. But Purity, it is reported to me from she the worthy, uses semi-sweet chocolate so you actually get that dusty layered effect that relies on the ice cream for balance as opposed to being yet another font of sugar.

As for me, I had three flavours over my two visits. Not appreciating the distinction between a sugar and a waffle cone, I had a mountain of coconutice cream on a small sugar cone the first night. It was a race. As I noted in a comment, it was like a frozen version the best coconut cream pie filling, again less sweet but richer, loaded with tiny coconut shavings. The next day, before lunch, I had both black cherry and green tea in sensible cups that allowed for pacing. The black cherry was great - not syrupy but clean and full. The green tea was a revelation. Light on the sweetness, it allowed the tea to stand up and ask me if I could handle the truth. Others tasted from the cones of those with me were vanilla, mint chocolate and Finger Lake Tourist - all displaying the slightly lighter hand with the sweetness to let the flavours come out. Note that the mint chip actually has tiny shards of chocolate as opposed to the Hersey's kisses sort of chip, which twelve to the scoop if you are lucky. Pervasive chiposity is better.