Ice Cream Varieties

Ice-creams come in a wide variety of flavors, frequently with additives such as chocolate flakes or chips, nuts, fruit, and even small candies/sweets. Some of the most trendy ice cream flavors in supermarkets are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and good Neapolitan (a combination of the three). Many people also like ice cream sundaes, which regularly have ice cream, hot fudge, nuts, whipped cream, cherries and other toppings of their choice. Vendors often competed on the source of variety

Thanks to mass manufacture, ice cream is widely accessible in most parts of the world. Ice cream can be purchased in big tubs and surrounds from supermarkets/grocery stores, in smaller quantities from ice cream shops, convenience stores, and milk bars, and in individual serves from small carts or even vans at public events and places. Some ice-cream distributors who sell ice-cream products door-to-door from traveling refrigerated vans or carts, often ready with speakers playing a children's music tune. On the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, ice cream is sometimes sold to beachgoers from little powerboats equipped with chest freezers.