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Soda Jerk Ice Cream

Soda jerk ice cream (or soda jerker) is the name for the person typically specific to young men who works the soda fountain in a drugstore. The term is somewhat archaic these days, as there are very few drugstores that still serve ice cream and soda.

Some theme diners exist styled after the old diners of the 50's and include an actual soda jerk, along with standard jukeboxes and booth seating.Sodajerk Ice Cream

There was a wide availability of ice cream in the late 19th century led to the new creations. In the year 1874, the American soda fountain shop and the profession of the "soda jerk" came up with the invention of the ice cream soda. In response to the religious criticism for eating "sinfully" rich ice cream sodas on the Sundays, ice cream merchants left out the carbonated water and then invented the ice cream "Sunday" in the late 1890's. The name was eventually changed to "sundae" to the remove any connection with the Sabbath.

Ice cream was an edible morale symbol during World War II. Each branch of the military tried to outdo the others in also serving ice cream to its troops. In 1945, the first "floating ice cream parlor" was built for sailors in the western Pacific. When the war ended, and dairy product rationing was lifted, America celebrated its victory with the soda ice cream. Americans consumed over 20 quarts of ice cream per person in 1946.

In the 1940's through the ‘70s, ice cream production was still relatively constant in the United States. As more prepackaged ice cream was sold through supermarkets, traditional ice cream parlors and also soda fountains started to disappear. Now, specialty ice cream stores and unique restaurants that feature ice cream dishes have surged in the popularity. These stores and restaurants are popular with those who remember the ice cream shops and soda fountains of days past, as well as with new generations of ice cream fans.
Good Recipe


4 scoops Chocolate Ice Cream
1/4 cup Milk
1/4 cup Marshmallow Cream
1/3 cup Crushed Peppermint Candy Pieces
Whipped Cream, Optional


Place all ingredients into stainless steel mixing cup.

Process until desired consistency is reached.

Garnish with whipped cream and candy.