Ice cream painting


Ice cream dates back in print to 1744, when Thomas Black of Virginia extolled its merits after sampling it as a guest of Governor Thomas Bladen of Annapolis, Maryland. Yet it dates back much farther in history.

Artists, Masters, Watercolour, Watercolor, Acrylic, Tempera, Oil, Canvas. ... Create a painting of an ice cream treat using Pop Art as an inspiration ...Art History Lessons... The first advertisement for ice cream in America appeared in the New York Gazette in 1777 by confectioner Philip Lenzi. The creation of ice cream cones is yet another story with various inventors claiming rights to the original idea.

Ice Cream Paint

Making ice cream before the arrival of electricity was no small feat. It required laborious labor, beating cream in a pewter pot within a larger pot of salt and ice. Many current ice cream machines are based on this timeworn but successful method.

By the 1780's, frozen desserts were so popular that rudimentary ice cream makers were already on the market. It is said that First Lady Dolley Madison truly popularized ice cream by making it a recurrent offering at the White House from 1809 to 1817.

Ice Cream Paint


  • The ice cream should be drawn and painted artistically
  • The ice cream should be drawn and painted skillfully.
  • The ice cream should extent to the edges of the paper either vertically or horizontally.
  • The ice cream should be cut out and mounted on black paper.
  • The students should understand the cultural changes that influenced Pop Art, the subject matter of Pop Art, and Pop Art's effect on contemporary art.
  • The students should participate in the class discussion.
  • The students should be knowledgeable about the Pop Art culture in the United States and its influence on the western world.