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Squirrel Ice Cream

SQUIRREL ice cream? Is this somebody's idea of a bad joke? Also, is it true that British 'ice cream' has no dairy in it anymore? It's interesting to see how this article has grown since I made it so long ago.

Isn't that just the traditional childhood mispronunciation of fudge swirl ice cream? Personally, I think the worst flavors are liver ripple.

squirrel ice cream

Removed the squirrel thing. Even if there is such a thing, it is POV to state it is the worst. I'm not sure how true the statement about ice-cream in Britain is. Ice-cream here does contain vegetable oil, but I'm not sure if that is completely instead of any dairy product, or in addition to it. says "hydrolyzed palm kernel oil... is used by about 70% of ice cream makers in this country", but doesn't say that dairy is not used, although says "In Europe for production of ice cream are used vegetable fats that completely replace milk fat and only for making ".

squirrel ice cream

Ok, first, here’s what we need, there’s no particular amounts, just put as much of everything as you want!


Sugar (the more the better!)
Chocolate chips (even more then sugar the better!)
Mini marshmallows (squirrel's favorite)
If you want to add anything else such as sparkles, caramel... goes nuts
Aluminum bowl (keep the word -200C in mind...)
Something made out of metal to mix it (a spoon will do)
Liquid nitrogen!


You can check and see if they have an office near you. Make sure to bring a thermos or something like that to put it in, make sure there’s a lid that you can close it with, but still leave gas out (if it’s sealed tight it will explode!). Nitrogen is naturally a gas (there's about 60% of it in the atmosphere) so when it's liquid it evaporates at a very cold temperature.

Ok, now that you pumped up to really do this, here’s what you do

Pour all the ingredients in the bowl, and mix it. Pour the liquid nitrogen in too and then mix it, repeat as needed, until nice and fluffy, or hard, if you want it very hard. Because it freezes so quick, the ice cream will be softer then the one you buy.

A great desert to serve when you have people over, impress