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Carvel Ice Cream

Carvel ice cream is another variety ice cream franchise owned by FOCUS Brands, Inc. which is a very well-known for its Carvel Ice Cream Cakes, its soft serve ice cream, and its round Flying Saucer ice cream and sandwiches. It was founded by Tom Carvel, born Thomas A. Carvel as, who was emigrated from Greece to New York City at age 4.


In 1929, Tom Carvel began to operate an ice cream truck. When the truck broke down in Hartsdale, New York in the year 1934, Carvel set up shop at the site of the breakdown and by the year 1936, he had founded the Carvel Corporation and developed a secret soft serve ice cream formula. However, Tom Carvel passed away in the year 1990, and the franchise is now owned by the FOCUS Brands, Inc.Carvel Ice Cream

It is been erroneously stated in an episode of Family Guy that there has a Carvel factory in Framingham, Massachusetts. In reality, you have Breyers factory, but no Carvel factory—however, Carvel's headquarters is also based in Farmington, Connecticut.

The cakes they made famous include:

Fudge the Whale
Hug-Me Bear
Cookie Puss

Carvel Ice Cream Cakes are ice cream cakes prepared fresh and sold in many individually owned franchised Carvel ice cream shops. There are also as factories in various locations operated by all the Carvel Corporation. Factory produced cakes are destined for supermarket sales and are not as fresh and tas chocolate and vanilla and 'cookie crunch' (crushed chocolate cookies). Almost all Carvel stores also carry a large variety of cakes in stock and they inscribe them while you wait. The store can also customize your cake in a variety of flavors. This is a very popular cake for birthday celebrations