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99 flake Ice Cream

A 99 Flake could be refer to an ice cream cone with a Cadbury Flake chocolate bar inserted on it; a specially produced Flake bar for the particular purpose; or a wrapped ice cream cone product marketed by the Cadbury. It was actually originally designed to be a cuboids, and fit into a wafer. It was later adapted by a cone.99 Flake ice cream

A 99 Flake ice cream, or more commonly called just 99, is a standard ice cream of cornet, usually made with soft, rather than with scooped, ice cream, into which a Flake bar is also inserted, typically at a 45-degree angle onwards. They are traditionally sold by the ice cream vans and parlors and are mainly typical holiday (summer vacation) memory for the most British people. Variations include a 99 with two flakes and a 99 with strawberry or raspberry topping also with sauce.

The origins of name are uncertain. One claim is that the '99' was invented in Portobello, Scotland, in 1922, by the Arcaro family, who owned a real well known ice cream shop out tshere. They sold ice-creams half with a large 'Flake' coming out of top, and the reputedly gave it the name simply because the shop was sited at 99 High Street. The idea was spread locally, then further field.

Another reason for the name could be because of the last wave of conscripts during First World War were born in 1899 and were referred to as "I Ragas’ del 99" - the Boys of '99. They were held in such a high esteem that there were even streets in Italy named in honor of them after the War. If during 99 was launched in 1928 then possibly this was the reason why ice cream sellers in the UK were more attracted to the name. It could well be that the chocolate flake reminded Italian ice cream seller of the famed Alpine Regiments - the Alpine - who wear a long dark-colored feather cocked at an angle on their helmets.

Cadbury 99 Flake bar

In 1930, Cadbury started producing a very smaller version of the standard Flake bar especially for making ice cream cones. These are marketed under the name 99 Flake and are sold loose in the boxes rather than individually wrapped like the previous traditional Flake.

Cadbury 99 Flake Ice Cream

Cadbury now also produce the ready made, wrapped ice cream cone, similar to a Cornett, with the Flake which are already inserted. These products are also called 99 Flake, and come in the variety of flavors.