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Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon ice cream is generally made by adding bacon to the vanilla and other ice cream include coffee, rum and other flavors. the saltiness of the bacon is give more sweetness to the ice cream the bacon is also add to the sugar syrup which is similar as pan cakes

bacon Ice Cream


Bacon ice cream is the desert which is made up of scrambled egg and bacon it is invented on 1973 by british series and this iccream is made for april fools day and it is experimented by british chef heston blumenthol and now it become signature desert in all restaurant Generally icecream taste sweet and served as desert but bacon icecream is created on april fools day as joke and bad flavored so none is wiiling to taste the ice cream they use onion cheese and smoky bacon they use unusually flavor which is called as most disgusting creation they gave away free to anyone who would try it.