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Bastani sonnati Icecream

Bastani sonnati is an Iranian icecream made with milk, sugar, pista, nuts and rosewater. Persians invented this icecream in 400 BCE. It is also commonly known as the Iranian cold desert.

Making of Bastani sonnati Icecream

 Bastani sonnati Icecream


• 2 cup of milk
• 2 ½ cup of cream
• 6-8 eggs in number
• 2 cups of sugar
• 1 ½ cup of pista nuts, heavily chopped
• Rosewater
• Vanilla extract of smaller quantity, saffron
• 1 pinch salt


• Heat the milk in the bowl with vanilla extract and saffron and continue cooking by stirring it.
• Beat the egg with sugar until it comes to a proper stage by stirring it properly.
• Pour the mixture into the milk.
• Make it thicker by stirring it with wooden spoon while heating.
• The custard mixture should be poured in the bowl and it is chilled.
• After refrigerating stir the ice cream with rose water and pista.
• Finally bastani sonnati gets ready and you can eat it and have fun.