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Blue Moon Icecream

Blue moon ice cream is of bright blue in colour. It is mostly famous in upper Midwest of United States. It is one of the flavors in superman icecream. It is mostly available in California, newyork and in some more countries.

Making of Blue Moon Icecream

  Blue Moon Icecream


• Milk(1/2 cup)
• Sugar(1/2 cup)
• Salt(1/2 spoon)
• Vanilla extract(1/2 spoon)
• Cream(1 ½ cup)
• Blue food colouring(1/2 spoon)
• Vanilla pudding mix(3 spoons)
• Raspberry flavored oil(1 teaspoon)
• Lemon flavored oil(1 teaspoon)


• Add half a cup of milk onto the pan.
• Add half a cup of sugar add pinch of salt to the milk and stir it well.
• Add the heavy cream to it and add the vanilla pudding mix, raspberry flavored oil and lemon flavored oil.
• Add blue food colouring to the mixture.
• Freeze the mixture until it gets colder and keep it in the icecream machine.
• And finally your blue moon icecream gets ready and you can now eat and enjoy it.