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Brigham's Ice Cream

Brigham's Ice Cream is a best ice cream manufacturer and restaurant chain that is been operated throughout New England. It is based in, and strongly associated with, Boston, Massachusetts. The company maintains a very strong regional identity, going out of the way to use regional terms such as "wicked" (extremely) and "frappe" (milkshake), and make reference to events with the special significance to New Englanders, such as the Big Dig and in the year 2004 World Series.

Brigham's ice cream


Brigham's was actually founded in 1924 by Edward L. Brigham in the Newton Highlands, Massachusetts. In 1929, it merged with a Symmes' Durand Company, and began to shift is focus from the Newton to Boston. In the 1960's, they merged with Star Markets. In 1993, Brigham's bought in Élan Frozen Yogurt, expanding its menu.


Not all flavors could be available at all venues.

Big Dig - Vanilla loosely mixed with liquid caramel, with brownie and chocolate pieces added.
Chocolate Chip - Vanilla with chocolate chips added.
Coffee Fudge - Coffee flavor loosely mixed with fudge sauce.
Curse Reversed! - Vanilla ice cream with chocolate-coated peanuts and chocolate-coated caramel pieces loosely mixed with fudge sauce.

Mint Chocolate Chip - Mint with chocolate chips added.
Mocha Almond - A combination of chocolate and coffee flavoring with almonds added.
Mocha Chip - A combination of chocolate and coffee flavoring with chocolate chips added.
Peppermint Stick - Mint with peppermints added.
Raspberry Lime Rickey Sherbet - A combination of raspberry and lime flavoring in sherbet.

Vanilla with Oreo Cookies
Whoopee Pie - Chocolate loosely mixed with frosting.
Wicked Chocolate - Chocolate loosely mixed with fudge, with brownie pieces added.