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Butter Prickle Icecream

This icecream was introduced Blackstone hotel in Omaha in the year 1920. This icecream is one of the famous icecream in Omaha.

Making of Butter Prickle Icecream

 Butter Prickle Icecream


• Brown sugar(1 cup)
• Half and half(2 cups)
• Butter(2 spoons)
• Butter flavor extract(1 ½ spoons)
• Vanilla extract(1 spoon)
• Cream(2 cups)
• Toffee(3/4 cup)


• In a pan mix half and half, brown sugar and butter.
• Heat the mixture.
• When it bubbles, remove the mixture from the heat.
• Cool the mixture with the bowl of your icecream canister.
• Add the extracts and the cream together to the mixture before freezing.
• Freeze the mixture.
• After it gets freezed add toffee bits to the icecream.
• And finally your butter brickle icecream is ready and you can eat and enjoy.