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Double Dunker Icecream

Double dunker icecream is made of mocha icecream with small chewy cookies and crunchy chocolate cookies. It started originally at 1931 in Lancaster country with hills all over.

Making of Double Dunker Icecream

  Double Dunker Icecream


• cocoa powder(3/4 cup)
• sugar(1/2 cup)
• brown sugar(1/2 cup)
• pinch of salt
• oreo(9-10)
• whole milk(1 cup)
• heavy cream(2 cups)
• vanilla extract(1/2 spoon)
• espresso powder(2 spoons)
• cookie dough(1 cup)


• Mix together cocoa, sugar, salt and the expresso powder.
• Add milk and all the mix together.
• Mix the heavy cream and vanilla atleast for one or two hours.
• Pour the mixture into the icecream maker and mix it for some time until it reaches consistency.
• Crush the oreo biscuits into pieces and add it to the mixture.
• Make it frozen for some time.
• And finally your double dunker icecream gets ready and you can eat and enjoy it.