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durian Ice Cream

Making durian Ice Cream

durian Ice Cream


Durian is the type of the fruit tree species many people called durian as king of fruit durian has a pleasant sweet flavor and unpleasant smell the native of durian is Indonesia Malaysia but Thailand rank number one to produce the durian fruit durian is a seasonal fruit the price of durian is also high when compared to other fruits

4 to 5 segments of frozen durian fruit
5 egg yolk
1 cup of Sugar
1cup Milk
1 table spoon vanilla extract
1 cup of light cream


Take a bowl and add the durian pulp and stir the mixture suing electric mixture until it became thick paste and chill it. take another saucepan and heat the milk and cream until it form small bubbles in the edges stir the egg yolk and add that in the cream mixture now take out the durian mixture and add that in the boiled cream mixture and freeze it for 9 to 10 hours and serve