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Fudge Ripple Icecream

Fudge ripple icecream consists of velvety swirls of vanilla syrup. It is one of the famous icecream in United States. It is very easy to prepare.

Making of Fudge Ripple Icecream

Fudge Ripple Icecream 


• Sugar (1/2 cup)
• Light corn syrup(1/3 cup)
• Water(1/2 cup)
• Dutch-cocoa powder(6 tablespoons)
• Vanilla extract(1/2 teaspoon)


• Mix sugar, corn syrup, water and cocoa together in a bowl and heat the mixture until it gets thicken.
• Cook for a minute and take it from heat and mix it with vanilla extract.
• Chill it by using the refrigerator.
• After taking from refrigerator pour some teaspoons of sauce between the layers of the icecream.
• And finally fudge ripple is ready you can enjoy eating it.