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Grape-nut Icecream

Grape-nut icecream is one of the popular icecream in the countries like Canada, Jamaica and New England. It was originally found in Wolfvile, Nova Scotia in the year 1919.

Making of Grape-nut Icecream

 Grape-nut Icecream


• Egg(6-8)
• Sugar(1 cup)
• Cream(1 cup)
• chilled whole milk(1 cup)
• Salt(1/4 spoon)
• Grape-Nuts(1 cup)
• vanilla extract(2 spoons)


• Mix the egg and sugar in the bowl in an electric mixer for three minutes until it becomes yellow.
• Boil the water in the pan in a medium heat.
• Add the cream to the egg mixture.
• Place it in the saucepan and make that the bowl should not touch the water which forms the icecream base for 10 minutes.
• Add the milk and salt and pour it to the container and keep it inside the refrigerator for one hour.
• In the icecream maker add the icecream base with ¾ cup of the vanilla extract.
• After it gets frozen add some extract to it.
• Change the mixture to another container and freeze it.
• And finally the grape nut icecream gets ready and you can eat and enjoy.