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Green Tea Icecream

Green tea icecream is otherwise called as matcha ice. It is one of the Japanese icecream flavors. It is popular in japan and East Asia. It is available in unites states from the year 1970s.

Making of Green Tea Icecream

 Green Tea Icecream


• Heavy cream(2 cups)
• Milk(1 cup)
• Salt(1/4 spoons)
• Eggs(5-6)
• Sugar(2/3 cup)
• Matcha(2 spoons)
• Icecream maker


• Mix milk, salt to the saucepan and remove from heat.
• Shake together eggs, sugar and matcha in a bowl and add a cup of cream mixture.
• Whisk the custard to the cream mixture and cook in a moderate heat and stir it with the wooden spoon at about 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Pour the custard to affine sieve and cook it for the room temperature.
• Freeze the mixture in the icecream maker and transfer it to other container and make it get freezed again to get harden.
• And finally your green tea icecream gets ready and you can eat and enjoy.