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Honey Ice Cream

Yellow HoneyHoney ice creamtastes as good as it seems. It has four ingredients; plump vanilla beans, heavy cream, whole milk, and honey. That's it.

People constantly look for excuses to try ice cream recipes from the famous Patricia Well's cookbooks. Several cooked recipes from them over the years -- always pleased by the reliability, simplicity their ingredients, and actually overall scrumptiousness.

You may be going to take this Honey Ice Cream to our buddies tonight (with some crisp ginger cookies) packed in ice so that it doesn't melt on the amazing journey across the Bay Bridge towards Berkeley. It will taste as good a few hours from now as it taste directly out of the ice cream maker.

Honey Ice CreamPatricia makes use of very deep, rust-toned Heather Honey from La Maison du Miel for Honey ice cream recipe. Forever it is a hard time finding any of Heather honey yesterday, but really a very nice, amber desert mesquite honey in a cupboard. The recipe couldn't be even easier. Heat all your ingredients; let them steep for an hour. Cool the mixture, and pour it into your ice cream maker and then let it run until your ice cream is the consistency

This ice creamis extremely rich and sweet -- just how rich or how sweet would depend in part on the kind of honey you end up using it. This isn't the type of ice-cream you could go to turn into a double-scoop cone. A tiny scoop or may be two with a crispy cookie is a pleasant way to end a meal.

You could prepare this ice cream. It is an easiest ice cream/gelato recipe. No eggs, no cornstarch, and no thickening custards....A great recipe to try if you want a simple technique to break in which new ice cream maker you got over the holidays.


2-1/2c cream
2 1g. Eggs Separated
1/2c. Honey (cherry or clover)
1tsp. vanilla


Take a separate egg, beat egg yolks and honey together. Add the cream and vanilla and stir well. Place in quart container and freeze. When solidly frozen, remove from container and put in a mixing bowl. Mix until smooth. Odd beating egg white as you mixes. Replace in container and refreeze. VARIATIONS: Can substitute yogurt for cream. Other flavors: Add carob flour instead of vanilla or fruits.