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Mamey Icecream

Mamey sapote is a kind of tree found in Central America and Cuba from Costa Rica, Mexico. This is made into ice creams and milkshakes mostly in America.

Making of Mamey Icecream

  Mamey Icecream


• Mamey ripe(1/2 cups)
• Heavy cream(1 cup)
• Almond milk(1/3 cup)
• Brown sugar(1/3)
• Salt
• Egg(3-4)
• Vanilla extract(2 spoons)


• Keep the Mamey pieces and blend it.
• Add about half a cup of cream and heat the other half with milk, vanilla, brown sugar, and salt in a pan.
• On the other side mix the egg yolks and mix it with the cream mixture.
• Add it back to the saucepan and stir it well.
• Heat the mixture until it gets thickens.
• Mix the mixture and pour it to the Mamey puree and the heavy cream and freeze for about 2 hours.
• Wait until it gets freezed. And finally your ice cream gets ready and you can eat and enjoy.