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Moose Track Icecream

There are many iteration including chocolate, mint and brownie. It is the branded flavor provided by Denali flavors. There are so many varieties under this moose track.

Making of Moose Track Icecream

 Moose Track Icecream


• half & half(2 cups)
• sugar(1 cup)
• eggs(2)
• Cream(1 cup)
• vanilla bean(1)
• cup fudge sauce(1/3)
• peanut butter cups(1/2 cups)


• Take a pan and stir sugar and half and half.
• When simmer begins, remove heating.
• Shake the eggs and pour it to the half and half mixture.
• Add the remaining milk mixture and shake it well and add heavy cream.
• Add the vanilla bean and its seeds to the mixture and toss it.
• Pour it on the bowl and freeze it for about 2-3 hours.
• Pour the mixture onto the icecream maker after it gets frozen add fudge sauce onto it.
• Freeze the mixture to make it harder.
• And finally your moose tracks icecream gets ready.