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Prickly Pear Sorbet Icecream

Prickly pear refers to opuntia which commonly refers to a cactus group. It is the source of prickly pear fruits. And thus with those fruits prickly pear sorbet icecream is made.

Making of Prickly Pear Sorbet Icecream

  Prickly Pear Sorbet Icecream


• Cactus pears(8)
• Simple syrup(1 cup)
• Fresh limejuice(2 spoons)


• Wash the cactus and rub off the wet using the towel.
• Cut the cactus pear in a length and scoop the flesh using the knife by leaving the thick shells.
• Add syrup and the lime juice and the puree until it gets smooth.
• Pour the puree in a bowl and remove the seeds from it.
• Keep the cactus shells on the baking sheet and freeze it.
• Freeze the puree using the icecream maker.
• Scoop the sorbet into the shells that are frozen in a level.
• Freeze the cactus shells that are filled for atleast 6 hours.
• Sorbets that are frozen can be kept individually in a wrap and frozen for about 1 week.
• And finally your prickly pear sorbet icecream gets ready and now you can eat and enjoy.