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Stracciatella Icecream

It is term used in different types of foods in Italy like ice cream and soup. It was originally made in northern Italy. It mainly includes heavy milk and melted chocolate.

Making of Stracciatella Icecream

  Stracciatella Icecream


• Skimmed milk(500 ml)
• Double cream(300 ml)
• Sugar(150 g)
• Eggs(8)
• Dark chocolate(150g)


• Keep the cream and milk in a pan.
• Mix the eggs and sugar together until it get thickens.
• Pour the milk and heavy cream mixture into the egg mixture.
• Keep it on the pan and bring it to the temperature of 85 degree celcius and pour the mixture into the icecream maker.
• Chop the chocolates and add it to the ice cream.
• Make sure that the chocolate is spread evenly.
• Keep it into the freezer for some hours.
• And finally your stracciatella ice cream gets ready and you can now eat and enjoy.