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Teaberry Icecream

Teaberry ice cream is produced by the companies like turkey hill and Hershey's. Teaberry ice cream is famous in Pennsylvania. Teaberry is also called as cherry berry or American wintergreen that is red in colour.

Making of Teaberry Icecream

Teaberry Icecream 


• Milk(1 ½ cups)
• Egg(4 large)
• Sugar(2/3 cups)
• Teaberry extract(1 spoon)
• Red food colouring
• Heavy cream(1 ½ cups)


• Heat the milk in the pan and don't make it boil.
• Mix the egg and sugar in the bowl.
• Take the milk and place onto the egg and shake it together.
• Cook the mixture until it reads 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Pour the custard into the glass bowl and place it in ice water, stir it well.
• Cover the mixture using the plastic and chill it well for about some hours.
• Add teaberry extract and red food colouring to the freezed mixture.
• And finally teaberry ice cream gets ready and you can eat and enjoy.