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Tiger Tail Icecream

Tiger tail ice cream is named for its orange colour and black tiger stripes. This type of ice cream is most popular in Canada. Usually it covers children.

Making of Tiger Tail Icecream

 Tiger Tail Icecream


• Sugar(3/4 cup)
• Heavy icecream(2 ½ cups)
• Cold milk(1 ½ cups)
• Salt(1 pinch)
• Vanilla bean(1)
• Orange extract
• Orange food colouring


• Mix egg and sugar in a bowl
• In a saucepan mix the cream, a cup of milk, sugar and salt.
• Make the vanilla bean into half and add both seeds and the bean into the cream mixture.
• Heat the cream and pour the hot liquid into egg yolks.
• Cook the mixture in a medium heat by stirring it using the wooden spoon until it gets thickens.
• To prevent it from overcooking pour some milk onto it.
• Add 4 or 5 spoons of orange extract and food colouring to achieve orangish colour and cover it and freeze.
• And finally tiger tail ice cream is ready and you can eat and enjoy.