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Waffle Ice Cream

A waffle ice cream is a batter cake cooked between two hot plates that are called a waffle iron. It has a distinctive grid like appearance, the result of raised partitions on the waffle iron. Waffle ice cream

Waffles are normally considered typical of Belgium, which has several varieties of waffles with somewhat different ice cream recipes. A popular variant is the so-called Belgian waffle (called Brussels waffle in Belgium), which is lighter, taller, and crispier than standard waffles and is often served with ice cream or with a whipped cream and fresh strawberries, as a dessert. The Belgian Waffle was introduced into North America in the year 1965 New York World's Fair.

In the United States, waffles are largely a sweet breakfast food, popular enough that the franchised restaurant chain Waffle House has more than 1,000 restaurants in 24 states. In 2001, it claimed to have sold more than 443 million waffles in the previous 46 years. Frozen waffles made their convenience food debut in U.S. grocery stores in 1953. They are heated in a toaster or microwave oven.

A Japanese waffle, or teriyaki (???), is a batter cake cooked like other waffles, but typically shaped like a fish and filled with sweet paste called an.

In the UK, a popular frozen food is the potato waffle, a savory form made of reconstituted potatoes, oil and seasonings. The waffles may be baked, grilled or fried, and are used as a side dish.