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Ice Cream House

Ice Cream House


  • Four liter containers of ice cream, choose some color or flavor for the walls of the house.
  • Two liter container of chocolate ice cream for the top (roof) of the house.
  • Five marshmallows (choice is yours here we used pink and white).
  • For the roof edge we use dolly combination sweets (round shaped - pink & white, brown & white).
  • To make windows we require two round licorice sweets (here use orange sweet).
  • For the roof flooring we use red strawberry flavor licorice tiles.
  • To round the pipe for the roof edges we use two 'cartwheels' of black licorice to untie them.
  • Four pink color wafer biscuits are required to create the window shutters.
  • To create the doorway we make use of 3 wafer rolls (we used 'Caf Curls' by Askeys).
  • For decoration purpose these Icing flowers, Toasted almonds and Green Apple stripe are used.
  • To create doors and gardens with different colors we make use edible paper sheets of different color.

Note: You are free to use your own imaginations to decorate the Ice cream house Sculpture.


  • Previous to the preparation we require one plate and one baking tray ice-cold in the freezer.
  • Fish slice
  • For perfect shaping and cutting process we make use of Sharp knife
  • A jug of hot boiling water to make the knife sharp for cuttings.
  • A slip of sweltering foil cut to the make dimensions for the metal plate (where the sculpture will be presented on)

Remember: when preparing an ice cream sculpture make sure that you  keep putting it back into the freezer about every 5 minutes to avoid it from melting and to keep hold of its solid shape.