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Ice Cream Ship

Ice Cream Ship


  • Four liter containers of ice cream, choose some color or flavor for the walls of the house (We chose vanilla)
  • To create a funnel we need an ice cream roll
  • To build the rails we make use of Red strawberry licorice strips and Cocktail sticks.
  • For shaping the passengers we make use of Jelly Babies sweets.
  • Steamer contains the port holes so to create the portholes we make use of Polo mints sweets.

Note: You are free to use your own imaginations to decorate the Ice cream house Sculpture.


  • Previous to the preparation we require one plate and one baking tray ice-cold in the freezer.
  • For perfect shaping and cutting process we make use of Sharp knife
  • A jug of hot boiling water to make the knife sharp for cuttings.

Remember: when preparing an ice cream sculpture make sure that you  keep putting it back into the freezer about every 5 minutes to avoid it from melting and to keep hold of its solid shape.

How to create the streamer

Get the container of ice cream and the ice-cold tray from the freezer. Grip the bottom of the ice cream tub beneath running, temperate the tap water in order to untie the ice cream from the sides and then tilt out onto the plate. By means of the sharp carving knife cut out the shape of the hull of the ship. Move it to an ice-cold serving plate.

Slice out a part, Small Square of ice cream and set it on top of the hull to signify the captain's cabin. Engrave a piece of ice cream roll and position it on top of the hull at the conflicting end to symbolize the funnel. Take a lengthy strip of licorice (ours was red) and attach cocktail sticks all the way through it at intervals of about inch (approx 1cm). Then attach the cocktail sticks into the peak edge of the ice cream to outline a rail all in the region of the outer surface.

Place the tray with the ice cream carving back into the freezer for some few minutes to make it hard and then seize it out and break off the ends of cocktails sticks that might be sticking all the way through the ice cream at the bottom. Decorate the Jelly Babies around the rail to make it appear as passengers and Polo Mints keen on the sides of the ship to form portholes.

Note: Make sure that to take away all the cocktail sticks from the ice cream carving previous to serving.