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Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Blue Bunny ice cream is an American based ice cream company. The company is based in Le Mars, Iowa. The company started in 1925, when Wells' Dairy, Inc wanted to started selling ice cream in Le Mars. Soon the ice cream was sold in Remsen and Alton. They started to distribute the ice cream in the Sioux City, Iowa, but in year 1928 Fairmont Ice Cream purchased the plant and the right to use the Wells' name.

In 1936 when the Wells planned to sell ice cream they held a name the ice cream contest and Blue Bunny was the winning name. Blue Bunny sells its ice cream in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Well's Dairy is the largest producer of all variety of ice cream novelty items in the world.Blue Bunny ice cream

In year 1994, Le Mars was proclaimed to the Ice Cream Capital of the World because Wells’ Dairy, makers of the Blue Bunny brand ice cream, produces more and quality ice cream than any other single company. It was founded in 1913, Wells’ Dairy today boasts of being the largest family-owned dairy in United States. If you ever visit Le Mars, you could tour a visitor’s center that features a facsimile of the blue bunny ice cream production line and a video presentation that tells the whole story of ice cream from ancient times to the present.

The video could probably be very interesting, but we wouldn’t know because we were busy sitting in the booth next door at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor, enjoying cups full of the Mocha Almond Fudge and Toffee Temptation as well as an expertly-made chocolate soda. If you have a special fondness for any ice cream, you need to know about this place!

The ice cream parlor was at 1920s-style sweet shop with a soda-fountain counter and high-back booths. The confectionery menu is very huge, including cones and cups, malts and shakes, sundaes and sodas, floats and phosphates, banana splits and also slices of ice cream cake. The women who concoct these extravagant sweets are a lot super-friendly who seems genuinely to enjoy the looks of ecstasy that the work inspires. “It’s so much fun to work here,” one of them confided in us. “Ice cream is always a happy thing.”

Blue Bunny has developed two kinds of the Star Wars products including the Darth Vader Face Bar and also three different Lights saber Bomb Pops including red, green and blue to represent the various need light sabers used in all Revenge of the Sith. The Light saber Bomb Pops come in any Sour Blue Raspberry and Sweet Cherry with sour inner cores, while the frozen Darth Vader confection is also available in cherry, fruit punch and berry flavors with sour cherry bubblegum eyes.

Even though the ice cream trucks will not be playing the Imperial March as they drive through your neighborhood and you still might spot one of the specially-decorated Revenge of the Sith ice cream trucks with the Vader-themed decals.