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Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream

Chocolate ice creamAlthough not only an American invention, ice cream ranks along with hot dogs, hamburgers, and apple pie is a symbol of America. The first written record of its arrival here was in 1742 when ice cream use to get served at a dinner given by the then Governor of Maryland. But it wasn't until Thomas Jefferson took a trip to France and tasted for the first time ice cream which containing eggs that the custard style ice cream made its way to America.

The four main ingredients in custard are cream, sugar, eggs, and also flavoring. It is important to get the right mix of these good ingredients so the ice cream will have that smooth texture and also will carry rich flavor us so desire. The amount of cream used and its butterfat content gives ice cream its rich and very good creamy taste. However, too much fat can cause a heavy product and small’s lumps of "butter" may form which produces that grainy texture which is very often found in homemade ice creams. Sugar gives the ice cream its smoothness but too much sugar would prevent the ice cream from freezing. Eggs are necessary for the smoothness and also give the ice cream its nice color. Making the custard the night before so it has time to chill sufficiently allows the ice cream to freeze before the churn gets it too warm and gives the ice cream its smooth texture.

Chocolate ice cream is one of the favorite flavors and this recipe is definitely for the chocolate lover as it uses both cocoa powder and also semisweet chocolate. Using two types of chocolates gives a rich chocolate taste with a very silky smooth texture. Make sure that the cocoa powder is fully whisked into half-and-half and there are no lumps. The same is true when stirring in semisweet chocolate. Even more chocolate flavor can be had by folding in white or could be dark chunks of chocolate into the freshly churned ice cream.Chocolate Ice Cream

The custard should only fill your ice cream with machine about half to two thirds full. This is so the custard has enough room to expand while it freezes so you could end up with an ice cream with a light texture and with no graininess. As the ice cream is still quite soft once it has been churned in the ice cream machine, transfer it to a storage container and place it in the freezer for few hsours before serving. This also allows the flavors to mellow. Although people prefer to eat homemade ice cream the day it is made, it can be stored for a few weeks in the freezer. It will become quite hard after being fully frozen for any length of time so transfer it to the refrigerator to soften for about 30 minutes before serving.

Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream [1.5 quarts]

Chocolate Ice Cream mix (reduce to 1 tsp va

nilla extract)

1 cup raspberries

Mash raspberries together with 1/4 cup sugar.

Just before adding to ice cream maker, stir juice from berries into mix.

Freeze in ice cream maker according to manufacturer's instructions. Just before frozen, add berries.

Note: Fresh raspberries produce better ice cream, but frozen raspberries will still make an excellent treat. However, don't use raspberries frozen in syrup).