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Dippin' Dots Ice Cream

In 1987 Dippin' Dots ice cream was invented by Curt Jones . . The confection is formed by the flash-freezing ice cream mix up into small spheres at temperatures ranging from 20 to 70 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Dippin’ Dots are very small, round pellets of very cold ice cream that are distinctive in shape and texture, and tasty unlike any other ice cream. Though Dippin’ Dots are quite sure to appeal to kids, they have entirely no redeeming value for an ice cream lover such as nobody. Dippin Dot Ice Cream To begin with, they are so cold that really found them painful to eat. Sometime your mouth could get insensitive by the time you finish them.. It could be bought what was hypothetical to be “Banana Split” flavor, but they tasted nothing like a banana split. Since your mouth was partially numb but usually couldn’t really taste much flavor at all. Then there’s the price of Dippin’ Dots. You have to pay $2.29 for a 5 oz tub, which is the equivalent of $58.61 a gallon. For this cost, you would expect the best tasting ice cream you ever had. Kids may like Dippin’ Dots because of their novelty, but true ice cream lovers shouldn’t worry to waste their money on this sad excuse for a frozen dessert.

Dippin' Dots can be found at some McDonald's locations also.


The Dippin’ Dots® story brings together science, invention, entertainment, entrepreneurial spirit, and also determination..

Microbiologist Curt Jones first followed the concept of a great ice cream innovation in 1986. Curt’s knowledge of the cryogenic freezing freezing techniques to direct him to thoughts of creating a for ice cream treat consumers would value as unusually fresh and flavorful. Experiments with cryogenically freezing an ice cream mix prepared from any old family recipe lead to the flash-freezing of the very first tiny beads of ice cream. Curt’s theory proved to be very accurate…flash-freezing does even make richer, fresher tasting ice cream. In addition, it is excellent because of the small round shape of any beads his little ‘dots’ were tempting fun to eat!

DDippin’ Dots growth is the best charted through its victory in various markets. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, the Dippin’ Dots traders also network began. At the same time, different theme and amusement parks were started to determine their customers’ love for the exciting new ice cream. In 1995, Dippin’ Dots was first introduced to an international market, making their debut in Japan.

At present, the dealer network is an award-winning Franchise System with hundreds of locations coast-to-coast. Several locations in theme parks, water parks, stadiums, arenas and also in movie theatres now number in the thousands. And, to meet the rising demands of international customers, Dippin’ Dots Global was formed in the year 2004 to manage our international business opportunities.