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Fosters Freeze Ice Cream

Fosters Freeze ice cream (full name: Foster's Old Fashion Freeze) is the chain of the fast-food restaurants in California. It was actually founded by George Foster in the year 1946 in Inglewood, California, and was the first fast-food chain in the state. The name comes from the fact that it a best called for its soft-serve milkshakes and also ice cream, which is reflected in the marketing slogan, "California's Original Soft Serve." However, the company had also offers a variety of foods, including hamburgers, chicken strips and fish. Fosters Freeze Ice Cream

The restaurant's original slogan was kept as "Everything at Foster's is wonderful to eat" and the slogan has taken on a good retro appeal in recent years. Its mascot is an ice cream cone wearing the chef's hat.

Bananas Foster Ice Cream Pie


1/2 batch of Vanilla Custard Ice Cream
2 egg yolks
2 batches of Bananas Foster
1/2 batch of Caramel Sauce
Mini or large graham cracker crusts, chilled
Caramelized bananas, garnish


Prepare 1/2 batch of ice cream according to the directions, increasing egg yolks to 8 rather than 6. Place on a bowl on iced water to cool, stirring every few minutes. Prepared Bananas Foster according to directions, cool and puree in the blender. Blend pureed bananas into ice cream base; lay plastic on top and chill.

Freeze ice cream base in the ice cream freezer. Put graham cracker crusts into freezer to chill. Meanwhile, prepare caramel sauce according to the directions.

Spoon a little of the cooled caramel sauce into chilled. Graham cracker crust and spread to a thin layer. Fill with frozen ice cream, cover with plastic and freeze.

When time to serve: Pull ice cream pies out of freezer to soften at least 10 minutes before serving. Meanwhile, caramelize bananas and gets gently warm caramel sauce. Serve pies drizzled with caramel sauce and garnished with caramelized bananas.

*Note: this is a very sweet dessert, feel free to cut sugar in ice cream down to 3/4 or 1/2 cup.