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Frozen custard Ice Cream

Frozen Custard Ice Cream

Frozen custard ice cream is a type of cold dessert almost similar to ice cream,made with eggs in addition to cream and with sugar. It is approximately 20% air by volume, giving it thick, creamy texture compared to any ice cream.

Frozen custard is normally prepared fresh at the place were it is sold, rather than stored; however, it is very occasionally available in supermarkets or also by mail order.

Frozen custard is a particularly popular in Wisconsin, and it is sold in many places in the United States by Culver's and also Andy's restaurants


In the year 1948, John Ritter of Chicago, Illinois had an after-school job working at a very local ice cream Shoppe. One of the job’s perks was to get eat ice cream just out of the machine—before it was packed and frozen solid. The experience of tasting smooth, creamy, also fresh-made ice cream made an indelible impression on the young John.

Years went by; John joined the Navy and had become an aerial photographer, and then started a career in the film animation after leaving the service. John met and then married Bonny Griffith, and together they built a life in the great Chicago where they raised six children. Eventually, John and a friend opened their own animation production studio. After 18 years and constant advances in the animation technology, John decided then to retire.

Upon hearing about John’s impending retirement, one of his sons suggested to him: "Every time we stopped at an ice cream Shoppe you said you’d like to own one someday. This is your great opportunity!"

Remembering his high school experience with the fresh ice cream, John decided to open it genuine, old-fashioned ice cream Shoppe. An ice cream Shoppe which would serve premium ice cream, made fresh all day long. Of course, John’s high standards also required him to create just the right recipe for his good ice cream Shoppe, so he and Bonny began to travel and a sample ice cream products throughout the Midwest, the East and beyond.Frozen Custard

The more the Ritter’s learned about the ice cream, the more they leaned toward an ultra-premium ice cream developed by the French over and above 100 years ago. The recipes, which were used high-quality dairy ingredients and a very small amount of eggs, is what Americans used to call "French Vanilla" ice cream.

In the year 1919, a Coney Island ice cream just a vendor adopted the French recipe, but marketed it as "Frozen Custard" (because of the egg content). The name got stuck at this country, and Frozen Custard is today a specialty ice cream subcategory recognized by the US Food and also Drug Administration.

After months spent on developing their own frozen custard recipe, John and Bonny opened the first Ritter’s Frozen Custard Shoppe in the Franklin, Indiana. That was in the year 1989. Today, Ritter’s Frozen Custard Shoppes are the found in more and more Midwestern cities, and even located as far away as Texas and Florida.