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Jersey Ice Cream

During the 1770s, ice creams were referred to as "iced puddings" or "ice cream puddings." The cones used were referred to as wafers. During this period, wafers were considered as "stomach settlers" and were served at the end to the meal to calm the digestion. They eventually became luxurious treats and become an important element of the dessert course. When rolled into the "funnels" or "cornucopias," they can be filled with all sorts of fruit pastes, creams, and iced puddings.

Pure Jersey ice cream in the 13 sumptuous varieties containing exotic ingredients like Sri Lankan passion fruit juice, Chinese Walnuts and alphorns mango

Farm dairy Ice cream made from fresh milk and cream from The Weyden herd of pedigree Jerseys. No eggs are normally used in Jersey ice cream, although sorbets clarified with free-range egg whites are available

100 per cent natural ice cream made from fresh milk and cream produced by this farm's own herd of Jersey cows. This contains free-range eggs. Also available, a range of sorbets that are suitable for the vegans

Jersey Ice Cream


1½ cups sugar, granulated
2 whole eggs
2 tablespoons flour
4 teaspoons vanilla
½ teaspoon salt
6 cups Whipping Cream
6 cups Milk


Mix sugar, flour, and salt in top of double boiler; gradually stirring in the milk. Place over boiling water and cook until slightly thickened--for about 10 minutes--stirring occasionally. Reduce heat so that the water in bottom part of boiler does not boil. Beat eggs slightly, stir in a little of the hot milk mixture. Cook it over hot water 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from stove, chill. Combine it with cream, add vanilla, and churn in ice cream freezer until you get proper consistency. It makes 3½ quarts. If you want fruit flavor, fold in whole or sliced fresh fruit at the very end, after the ice cream is already frozen