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Mango Ice Cream Recipe Mango Ice Cream


  1. Single Cream - 2/3cup
  2. Egg Yolks - 2
  3. Corn flour - 1/2tsp
  4. Water - 1tsp
  5. Sliced Mango - 3 or 4 (medium size)
  6. Lemon juice - 1tbs
  7. Heavy Cream - 2/3cup
Preparation Method

  • In a bowl mix the egg yolks with corn flour and water until smooth.

  • Heat the single cream in a saucepan. Do not allow to boil.

  • Pour it to the egg yolk mixture, stirring all the time.

  • Transfer the mixture to the pan and place it over a very low heat.

  • Stir the mixture continuously until it gets thickens and pour into a bowl.

  • Puree the mango slices in a blender until smooth and sieve.

  • Mix it with the custard and stir in the lime juice. Whip the double (heavy) cream until soft peaks form.

  • Fold into the mango mixture until thoroughly combined.

  • Transfer the mixture to a freezer proof container.

  • Cover and freeze until half-frozen and still mushy in the centre.

  • Turn the mixture into a bowl and mash well with a fork until smooth.

  • Return to the container, cover and freeze again until firm.

  • Keep the container in the main compartment of the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before serving to allow the ice-cream to soften slightly.

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