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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Puppies eating ice-cream

Nick came across a website the other day called Puppies Eating Ice-cream Just pictures of pups licking ice-cream. Well, someone always argues. In this case, it might be you, pointing out practically that dairy products are not great for dogs they can't be digested properly by the dog's gut. Feeding ice-cream to a puppy is a bad idea, as cute as it looks.

But we have done it. Our dogs love the taste of ice-cream, and any walk along Oriental Bay is a stop-start exercise as Phoebe halts every few yards to snuffle and lick at ice-cream stains on the pavement that may have been there for days. We have watched the dogs eye us pleadingly as we munch through a snow freeze or frozen yoghurt in a cone, and relented by tossing them the tip of the cone with just a bit of the creamy stuff attached.

The dogs rarely get nibbles of corn chips or nuts, but we try to do the right thing and not fill their eager little bellies with sugary stuff.

Nick have seen other dog owners nourish their pets with biscuits, chocolate, pieces of cake, scones, creamy pike lets the dogs love it, of course, but without getting judgmental about others, it's a boundary we won't cross. Our dachshunds are basically dogs with dwarfism, and as a result of that condition their spinal tissues aren't as sturdy as in a standard dog and they can get injured easily. Excess weight magnifies the problem, so keeping a daxie trim is an important health safeguard

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